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In the recent decades, there is no doubt that E-Commerce has become one of the most important terms for business owner, shoppers and logistic company.

Mobile Application

Mobile Applications is the indispensable element in our smart city life. Yet, for business, the monetization of the mobile apps is the true way to adapt, transform and grow your business.

Value Added Solutions

We offer various kind of IT solution including but not limited to Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, AR & VR, Smart Living, IoT etc.

What’s happening in the market?

Founders Factory Africa and Netcare to fund 35 health-tech startups

Founders Factory Africa and South African healthcare company Netcare will select 35 African health-tech startups for an acceleration and incubation program. The partnership includes an investment (of an undisclosed amount) by Netcare in Founder’s Factory Afri… more

A Q&A with Talis Capital as it raises $100m for 2019 and hits it’s 10th year

Talis Capital – an early investor in Darktrace, Pirate Studios, Luminance and iwoca – announces today that it’s raised $100m for 2019, a record for the firm to date as it passes it’s 10th year of operation. In those ten years it’s done $600m in transactions a… more

India reportedly wants to build its own WhatsApp for government communications

India may have plans to follow France’s footsteps in building a chat app and requiring government employees to use it for official communications. The New Delhi government is said to be pondering about the need to have homegrown email and chat apps, local new… more

Warburg Pincus announces new $4.25 billion fund for China and Southeast Asia

Warburg Pincus, the private equity fund with over $60 billion under management, is doubling down on Asia after it announced a $4.25 billion fund dedicated to China and Southeast Asia. The firm has been present in China for 25 years, and it has invested over $… more

Pinduoduo cements position as China's second-largest ecommerce player

Alibaba and JD.com have been in a war over the Chinese e-commerce space for a decade or so, but a third player called Pinduoduo has managed to shake up the duopoly in recent times. The startup, which was founded in 2015 by an ex-Googler and went public on the… more

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